A$ Australian dollars
Assay A test to determine the level of a particular element in a sample
ASX Australian Securities Exchange
EL Exploration Licence
ELA Exploration Licence Application
EP Exploration Permit
EPA Exploration Permit Application
Fe Iron
Grade The level of a valuable mineral of element in a rock
g/t Gram per tonne
IUP Izin Usaha Pertambangan (Indonesian Exploration and Mining Permit)
JORC Joint Ore Reserve Committee Code
JV Joint Venture
Leaching A hydrometallurgical process by which the valuable metals are removed from the rock
Li Lithium
Mt Million tonnes
Mtpa Million tonnes per annum
NPV Net Present Value
Ore Mineral bearing rock which can be mined and treated profitably
Ore Reserve The economically minable part of an Indicated or Measured Resource
Parts per million A measure of the grade of a precious metal deposit (ppm)
Resource An in-situ mineral deposit from which valuable minerals can be recovered
T Tonne (measure of weight equal to 1,000kg)
Ta Tantalum
Tailings The material remaining after processing has removed the valuable mineral or material
Tpa Tonnes per annum
UJV Unincorporated Joint Venture
US$ United States dollars